"Inspiration" by Jolanta Staczek
Inspiration by Jolanta Staczek

Nonprofit dedicated to creativity, wellness, and community…

…supporting writers, artists,
musicians, filmmakers, performers,
healers, and educators.

E Komo Mai means Welcome in Hawaiian…​​

Nature and Imagination:

Island Birth by Katalin E Csikos
Hazelmoon’s Hawaiian Tarot
  • Nonprofit: philanthropy organization dedicated to creativity, wellness, and community 
  • Philosophy: cultivating deep respect for natural world and nurturing active imaginations 
  • Scope: supporting literature, visual art, film, music, humor, education, and healing arts
  • Venues: print, web, live performance, classes, workshops, retreats, and festivals 
  • Recent publication: Hānau: Birth, Transformation, and Possibility, a remarkable and surprising collection of inspirational poetry, prose, and artwork. Learn more… 
  • Current projects: Wise Secrets of Ho’oponopono book by Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim, Temple of Peace by Kedar St John… Learn more…
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