Red Road by William M Donnelly
Kalapana Coast, Big Island of Hawai’i



Nature and Imagination (NI) is a nonprofit dedicated to cultivating creativity, wellness, and community inspired by nature and tradition, through print, web, live performance, classes, workshops, retreats, and festivals, including literature, visual art, film, music, humor, healing arts, and education.


NI supports creative expression of aspiring writers, artists, filmmakers, musicians, other live performers, healers, and educators. The vision for NI is rooted in a philosophical commitment to inspire consciousness living, creativity, wellness, culture, and land stewardship through connection to nature and imagination. Establishment of NI represents realization of a cherished dream, in the spirit of Aldo Leopold, who expounded a “land ethic” worldview, in which basic ethical considerations given to human beings are expanded to include the natural world around us.


Paul Rich and Deb Eikleberry founded NI in 2018. Based on Paul’s role in service to ‘Ohana (family), Na po‘e Apau (all people), and Āina (land), Harry Uhane Jim gave him the Hawaiian name Kahu ‘Imiloa, meaning “guardian of exploration driven by sense of wonder and imagination”. 


Publication Series:
  • Presence of Place inspirational writings
  • Sentinel Tree illustrated children’s stories
  • Conservation and Adventure engaging literature
  • Passport guides for children to explore Nature


Current Projects:
  • Wise Secrets of Ho’oponopono book by Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim
  • Temple of Peace book by Kedar St John​
  • Quepasana: Silent Meditation for Awareness and Equanimity by Jorge Yant and Quepasana Community
  • Alum Creek/Sycamore Trail book by Deb Eikleberry
From the Stars by Katalin E Csikos
Hazelmoon’s Hawaiian Tarot
Theme: Overlay by Kaira