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Halau Uhane Lomilomi Lapa’au

Wise Secrets of Aloha Workshops with Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim

  • Lomilomi
  • Ho’oponopono
  • Laulima
  • Haumana
  • Ka La Hui

Offerings: Lomilomi, traditional Hawaiian touch therapy, provides the basis for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Ho’oponopono, ancient practices of “mental cleansing” brings balance and harmony through forgiveness and release of that which keeps one feeling stuck in negative thoughts and patterning. Laulima, or “laying of hands” in a community gathering, is touch medicine for discovering and loving the emotional body. Haumana involves “birthing one’s power” as a healer, and Ka La Hui is a gathering of “light bearers” in service to all. At the heart of all Hawaiian healing practices is Aloha.

Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim, one of the last Kahuna of Lomilomi and author of bestseller Wise Secrets of Aloha, shares deep understanding of ancient traditions of Hawai’i. Kahuna are keepers of wise and hidden secrets.

Current Offerings: 

  • Lomi Ha Workshop (April 17-20, 2020) in Ashfield, Massachusetts
  • Lomilomi Intensive (April 24-26) in Fairlee, Vermont
  • Lomilomi Intensive (rescheduling) in Zephyr Hills, Florida
  • Lomilomi (May 22-25) in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Ka La Hui (November 2021) in Pahoa, Hawaii

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Honu (Turtle) by Markus Hughes

Healing Path

Classes, Retreats, Therapy, and Internships
   with Kahu ‘Imiloa

  • Qigong (Taoist Yoga) 
  • Reset Bodywork / Acupressure 
  • Watsu and Related Aquatic Bodywork 
  • Nonviolent Communication (NVC)  

Offerings: Chi Gong (Qigong), based on Taoist Yoga (Tao Yin) and Inner Alchemy (Neidan), blends powerful practices of posture, movement, breath, and meditation to build strength, flexibility, balance, grace, and vitality. Reset bodywork integrates potent techniques of touch, stretching, and acupressure, including Shiatsu, Jin Shin, Traeger, Hawaiian Lomilomi, and Taoist breathwork, to renew and balance. Watsu and related aquatic bodywork – Waterdance, Healing Dance, Dolphin Dance – feature surface and underwater movement, stretching, touch, and stillness in warm water to nurture, relax, release trauma, and bring clarity, joy, and sense of wellbeing.

Kahu ‘Imiloa (Paul) creates a safe, nurturing space for deep healing and personal growth, through guided movement, conscious touch, playfulness, poetry, and deep understanding of the body. The Hawaiian name, Kahu ‘Imiloa, given by traditional Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim, signifies service through exploration inspired by wonder and imagination, living and teaching with Spirit of Aloha. 

Current Offerings: 

  • Community Classes and Retreats in Ha’iku, Hawaii pdf

Past Offerings: 

  • Community Classes and Retreats in Santa Fe, New Mexico, August 2019 pdf 
  • Transformational Retreat in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, July 2019 pdf

                        Text or Call: 650 – 804 – 4423

Sunrise Qigong by Kecia Joy
The Point, Kalani, Big Island of Hawai’i


Transformational Silent Meditation Courses
   with Jorge Yant and Community

  • Insight Meditation 
  • Residential Retreats
  • Yoga, Breathwork, Music 
  • Service to Community

Offerings: Quepasana, in the ancient tradition of Vipassana silent meditation, cultivates awareness and equanimity, typically in ten-day residential courses. The transformative and healing experience of Quepasana is offered as a gift and in service, free of charge, staffed by volunteers. Participants practice noble silence, unplugged from the outside world and technology, with inward focus in a safe and inspiring natural setting. Quepasana is accessible and available to anyone, regardless of age, physical condition, religious or spiritual belief system, or experience with meditation. 

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Sunset Meditation
Ponomakena, Maui, Hawai’i

Temple of Peace

Interfaith Community Gatherings, Events, and Retreats
   with Kedar and Shelley St John

  • Heartsong Celebration
  • Community Events
  • Cleansing and Healing
  • Personal Retreats

Offerings: Temple of Peace is an interfaith spiritual center and community, with doors open to all, dedicated to spirituality, personal growth, and loving service to humanity. Weekly Heartsong Celebration and potluck bring together a diverse international community in song, teachings, guest speakers, and companionship (Sundays 10:30am). Community events and classes include music, yoga, meditation, chanting, and inspirational presentations. Healing offerings include infrared sauna, herbal steam room, hot tub, cold plunge pool, hyperbaric and health services, ten-day cleanses, and colon hydrotherapy, offered by appointment and in personal healing retreats.

​575 Haiku Rd
Haiku, HI 96753 USA
808 – 575 – 5200

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Temple of Peace
Spiritual Sanctuary and Gathering Place
Haiku, Maui, Hawai’i

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